Favorite Sites

The sites collected here are some of my favorites, either because they provide me with creative inspiration or because I just find them interesting.

ARTIFACTS and HISTORIES   Having had a lifelong interest in museums, I was happy to come across these sites featuring a wide range of historical artifacts (objects, photos, prints, books, etc.) and the stories attached to them.

The Public Domain Review   A site dedicated to public domain works and their histories

Smithsonian Institution Blogs   Blogs from several of the Smithsonian Institution museums all in one place

The Bowery Boys: New York City History   For those interested in Old New York

VISUAL ARTS   Fine art, photography, folk art—these can often trigger ideas for writing.

Colossal: Art, Design and Visual Culture   An exploration of contemporary visual arts showcasing some stunning pieces

Google Arts and Culture   A one-stop shop for discovering artwork and museums around the world

LITERATURE  One of my favorite sites for early works of literature:

Project Gutenberg   A treasure trove of public domain works, including many of the classics, generously digitized by this non-profit for the public to freely enjoy

ALBA’S WORLD    Alba, the protagonist in Madolina’s Daughter, leaves her hometown in Calabria, Italy, to live in New York City in 1947. These sites provide a visual glimpse into the era and locations in the story.

39 Fascinating Color Snapshots that Capture Street Scenes of New York From the 1940s  From the Vintage Everyday website (vintag.es)

The Great Blizzard of 1947: New York, Buried in White   Beautiful photos of New York City during the Blizzard of 1947 from Life magazine

Bleeding Espresso   A blog about life in Calabria today, with some lovely landscape photos of the region